Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Job! Bar Hop!

I got a new job! What really makes me happy is that my office is very near our house. Being a SAHM for 6 months is fun because you enjoyed every moment with the kids and ofcourse lots of time to scrap too! :).

I really miss posting. I started working a week ago and been very busy with some trainings. Busy busy busy - because my tito joey from Chicago visited so we have to take him here and there. Gimicks all night, bar hopping, dinner, chitchattin' till 6 in the morning in my tita's condo in Excesior, Eastwood City. We really had so much fun!

Anyway, here are some photos i want to share...

Long table with cousin's in my Tita's resort.

Zao Bar Eastwood City

Then hopped to Big Kahuna.

I had Hawaian Mocha Tortoni & KAi had Blue Hawaian blended with Rum and Vodka, pineapple and coconut

Crunchy Salmon Roll with Shrimp Salad-california roll with salmon skin tempura, avocado,sliced unagi and spicy shrimp salad on top seved with wasabi and tenzy sauce.

Sweet photo taken inside Persian restaurant then headed to the condo for more drinks!! Went home at 6:00am :)