Sunday, July 27, 2008

Award Winning and Success!!

My Sister-in-law Geena succesfully passed the Board Exam for Nursing. She is now ready to be called, R.N. Marianne Geena C. Santos. We are all happy for her so we take her out for dinner and celebrate! I suggest that we all should try SECRET RECIPE's award winning recipes in Shang-rila.

To your left - Anthony, Geena, Mom, Dad, Me, Edong and Yanna and Marco

What's great about secret recipe: ambiance (brightly lit, cheerful & modern decor), service (friendly servers), great menu offerings (there are as many desserts are as their entrees - i think more!).

We are all excited to try chef's recommendation: The Award Winning Recipe!

We had MINESTRONE for our soup P 90.

Edong had the Grilled Chicken smothered with black pepper sauce served with herb rice and fresh garden salad.

We had the award winning IRISH LAMB STEW P430. Tender lamb shank cooked with seasonal vegetables and fresh herbs, served with baked mashed potatoes and our home-made bun

Yanna had the LASAGNE P 135
Baked minced beef or chicken with special tomato sauce and topped with cheese. served with home-made bun. She also wants to try the mushroom soup coz its really her favorite, but its out of stock.

CEASAR SALAD P120 - an almost classic salad recipe topped with croutons and imported parmesan cheese.

The award winning NOODLES IN TOM YUM KUNG P 240
Flat rice noodles in their very famous spicy tom yum soup with king prawns. Its the best Tom yum Ive ever tasted! Hubby loves it! He requested to add more chili powder. Suuper hot! Mom and Dad cant eat some anymore!!

Mom and I had the CARRIBEAN SEABASS P 350
Fillet Seabass with cream sauce served with green salad. (the seabass fillet may be substituted with dory or perch)

Marco had the KIDS BURGER P135. Four pieces of little bite size hamburger with beef balls inside and some alphabet fries. He enjoyed eating it soooo much!

Boneless chicken chop stuffed with chicken square and cheese served with french fries and fresh garden salad

Now, were all excited to eat our dessert!

Told Geena to try this yummy expresso cheesecake coz she loves coffee so much...And she liked it!!

I ordered my favorite- CARAMEL CHEESECAKE. Hubby loves it! He almost finished it! (also love their white chocolate macadamia)

Mom and Dad had the Award Winning Chocolate Mud Cake. Slice P110 filled with semi-sweet and smooth creamy chocolate fudge. Nothing Great in this cake except frosting is good. We are all wondering why they choose this cake to be awarded. Their cheesecakes should be awarded because they are the best!

My kids had Chocolate Fudge Cake

Anthony ordered this High-Fibre cake. Rich in high-fibre grains seeds and nuts,low in trans-fatty acids, source of protein, reduce the risk of heart disease. Hmmmmm... dont really like the texture of this one. haha!

We had a nice dinner sponsored by mom and dad and were all stuffed and cant stand up to walk all the way to the parking lot!!! :)