Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our Fun Saturday

Saturday is always a fun day for the whole fam. Todays activity are -

Watched the onstage theatre "Mulan" in Greenbelt. Sorry we dont have any photos to share because cameras are not allowed inside.

After that, we went to Greenbelt 5 to check out some new stores and restaurants.

watch the ducks swim and play in the pond...

Then headed to Serendra for a nice walk, yummy desserts and playtime! Ofcourse I had to take nice photos again.

Bought our favorite cupcake in Serendra for dessert! The famous, CUPCAKES by Sonja... Yanna had the vanilla cupcake and Marco had the Lemon Drop. Mmmmmmm....

Poses on giant display balls...

Had so much fun playing tic-tac-toe...

and giant game board!

XOXO! haha! cute!!

Krispy Kreme balloon fight!

The kids got so tired running around and playing but they had a really great time!!