Monday, May 5, 2008


It’s officially flip flop season, and i haven’t had time to post my favorite flip flops for 2008 yet. haha!

Been to rockwell NBC tent yesterday for the MAKE YOUR OWN HAVAIANAS event. Im sooo happy because last year i missed this event! I sooo love HAVAIANAS! Actually,I'm a flip flop lover! I got 12 or maybe 15 collections now.

Here are the photos...

Look at those colorful flip flops hanging like banderitas!

and another colorful havaianas flower decors! Pretty!

Adults Menu: My choices are...
Strap: Silver Top
Soles: Nautical Blue
Pins: Letter P-A-M Right Strap Text,
Sun & Gold Star Left Strap at each end of the Havaianas text.
Swarovkis: out of stock?! Oh men!
Lacinhos: Naahh not my type!

and.... whaaallaa! here is the finished product.

everyone had their photos here.